Final Veil believes Black Lives Matter

Final Veil believes Black Lives Matter.  We are hopeful that the current protest movement will create systemic change leading to equality being a reality in our country and world.  Our artistic vision is a fusion of influences from people of diverse backgrounds, and we seek to create art that promotes a sense of harmony and diversity.  We are inspired by the words of the great dancer and scholar Donna Meija whose lecture on allyship in the dance world is available for free until June 15 at the link below. Here is a quote from her lecture:   

This lecture reviews recent developments in anti-bias work and scholarship, and examines what we can do as individuals and a community to increase peaceful coexistence. Fusion dance was just the beginning of the important work we’ve started in the world as artists.

Ally-ship takes many forms and is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Yet each courageous act of fellowship, no matter how large or small, is meaningful. Please don’t underestimate how your choices disrupt social bias and can tip the scales for a fellow human whom may feel demoralized and disenfranchised. Interestingly, you may find that you always get back more than you give. This workshop will explore definitive steps to move beyond “paralyzed empathy;” becoming effective as a listener, and act thoughtfully in our support of comrades.

The inevitability of our global citizenship mandates we set a seat at our table for other world-views and voices. Do you really wish to make a difference? Join a conversation that is already in progress on an international level. Your contributions and thoughts will make it better for all.