New shows, new videos, new partnerships and more!

We have a lot of projects in the works this spring. We just shot a music video for “Mission Over” that will be released in April, stay tuned here and on youtube for the release……. Also, we have formed an exciting partnership with Moon Belly Studio of Columbia, MO to do some exciting shows together this spring, check out the debut in Columbia at Mojo’s on Saturday, April 17 (EARLY show! 7-9pm). The collaboration will feature the full troupe of bellydancers performing with our live set of music, a rare event for those of you thirsty for a show that goes above and and beyond……. Lastly, we are gearing up for our spring “Future of the Orient III” event at Atomic Cowboy on Friday, June 4. This show will feature all kinds of new bellydance talent and some special surprises! Happy spring everybody!