Cora Camille

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Vocals / Bellydance

Cora Camille, singer and songwriter of Final Veil, is an artist who knows no bounds.  She began bellydancing in her teens with the troupe Simone’s Seventh Veil, which exposed her to many dancers and performance styles from around the world. Then she began singing at various festivals in Europe and the U.S., while also studying Arabic music theory and traditional Egyptian music in London with Cairo Music Institute’s Wadie Nossier. She released a solo album in 2016 with Hossam Ramzy and Phil Thornton and written music for the Off-Broadway production “Confessions of a Bellydancer.”

Cora began performing under the name of Final Veil in 2005, but it didn’t become the rock/trip hop/world beat entity we recognize today until guitarist/DJ/producer Christian Oncken joined in ’08. Later, percussionist Graybeard brought the bellydance rhythms further into the band’s sonic forefront. Finally, Cora recruited her heavy metal husband Chris Stout on bass to complete the lineup and drummer Simon Drew.

You can currently catch her band’s fourth new album “Salome’s Spell” and music video for their same-titled single (Cora’s film directorial debut). You can anticipate a band documentary to be released soon, and many more live performances in the St. Louis area. No two shows are ever alike, each with a unique assortment of guest musicians and alluring dancers.