2013- A Year to Broaden Horizons

I always love the sense of renewal that happens for most people as the year turns. Sure, not all new year’s resolutions always stick, but as an artist one of the most important things is to find what inspires you to create. I am excited about the process of broadening my horizons as an artist in this new year. Three has always been my lucky number, and I am already feeling it for this year and what it can bring. On my immediate horizon is finishing my second album with my band Final Veil which has been a fun process as we get nearer to completion and look to a release in a few months from now. I also am excited to start branching out more to working with different genres and new people as a solo artist, even guest singing with some metal bands! Another continuing source of happiness and inspiration has been the continued work I am doing with Raksanna and her troupe in Chicago and getting the word out about the first book that my writing has been published in which is the “Confessions of a Bellydancer” that we are touring a stage production with around the nation this year. For all of you reading this, I hope the new year has inspired you to consider stretching yourself and broadening your horizons in some way this year, change and growth will bring out the best in all of us, happy new year!